Lavio Streaming: Solemnly declared as a new entrant in entertainment, art and media services

Lavio is an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform engaged in providing Media, Art and Entertainment based programs and services within Indian sub-continent.

Lavio is a unique multi-platform service where;

  • You can wish to be a part of separate forum, understand and share your views related to media and entertainment industry.
  • You can exhibit any act or skill by uploading the video
  • You can watch movies, music and mini-programs
  • You can listen to music or a note or a drama or dialogue
  • You can chat on audio/ video with non-users or Lavio registered users
  • You can live stream activities or events and it can be available to all the users and non-users as well


Our services with various features could aptly help you be gregarious and yet be assured of experiencing a personal space for oneself. You can choose to be interactive or just relax and you could still have all the enjoyment, gathering, leisure and perhaps praise from others and greater popularity too.

At Lavio we are striving to make our OTT platform dynamic and ergonomic to social life of users so they can have entertainment, fun and also gain knowledge as well and hence making life more better. Lavio is offering movies, music and mini-programs which will keep changing periodically and fresh programs of users choice will be offered to watch.


Lavio Streaming will be like your personalised OTT platform where you can provide your choice of programs and Lavio is so open and interactive that we will enlist those programs requested by all the users. Lavio will offer fresh programs to the users on the basis of ranking, priority and availability. We know what we offer and we are sure that you will enjoy it because we try to offer as many user choice of programs as possible.

And not only this ! We also have an interesting space for users called opinion poll; the admin raises a statement in the interest of the registered users and use such opinion in the benefit of the user, people and society at large. Also, the user can eaise a request with the admin to conduct a poll on a certain statement given by the user. And not only this we have some exciting features which will be launched in the immediate future like Live streaming !

In the area of art Lavio will bring to viewers “The Lavio Show” which will have various programs and also presntation of some enthusiasts who will be interested in showing their art or skills by uploading their recorded program over the Lavio platform. These entusiastic participants may choose to keep there content in their user account or allowing to watch for the ones they personally choose or all the viewers subscribed with Lavio.(A CONSENT LETTER or DECLARATION LETTER in the digital form will be submitted by the individual)

As a Media based service facilitate a user with personalised live streaming of any event performed and stream it to the audience who are not only Lavio subscribers but also nonsubscribers as well.

Our motto is Watch It Like You Own It ! – Save time by having the convenience to watch what you want and when you want. Subscribe at your own comfort.

We will discuss about this further in detail. Our endeavour is to provide services in various streams;

• Lavio for Movies like scripted, animated movies and other movie categories or genre

• Lavio for Music lovers like music concerts, docupedia on music album, musician or performer and similar programs

• The Lavio Show will be a platform for mini programs of various categories like Art of an Artist: a presentation of any skill like magic, culinary art, interior designing, sporting event, showcasing adventerous trip like trekking, safari or underwater tour or upload some comedy clips and similar other examples, docupedia type progams, animated, comedy, short forms, travel, science & technology, skill oriented (like magic, real adventure like driving, rock-climbing, etc), sports, Facts & Figures, scheme or information (if any) issued by government or private organisation for the benefit of people, Guinness book of records, encyclopedia, programs like ripley’s believe it or not, sharing online/ digital news & information, puzzles, cooking, yoga, exercise and many similar programs)

• Go Live ! is a personalised live streaming platform offered by Lavio and is useful explicitly for enthusiastic users;

– who have a penchant to represent their skills on a live platform.

– who are willing to organize and capture the live performance of any kind of event

and stream any of the above through Lavio so others can also watch it. The user or event organizer can share the link with non-users also to help them watch the live program. Lavio will share all possible data analytics of the live event with the user and also offer recording of the event.


• Chatting by the name Bubbles; User can enjoy Audio\ Video and Text chatting. The user can text chat among other Lavio users. The user can also audio or video chat between Lavio users and by inviting non-users as well !

Lavio Streaming will be more interactive than any other service that is currently available in the given format. Our service will give a unique experience to everyone. For example, with Interactive chatting available in service, user can chat live with other users and also can gather and share more information about their experience with eachother.

At Lavio we provide online streaming of only select programs which are entertaining, fun and knowledge & awareness oriented.